Because we understand how important it is to select the right artwork to compliment your home, Art Outlet exclusively offers a FREE two-day trial for paintings and frames for our local customers.

This gives you an opportunity to try the artwork first so you feel confident in your selection when you purchase.


Why should I do the trial?

Taking the artwork home allows you to see exactly how it will add to and compliment your space! You may take an unlimited number of paintings home framed or unframed. Taking your selected paintings home framed allows you to see exactly how the finished artwork will look. If you want to take home many paintings to try, you may choose to take them unframed which allows for easier transport for you! It’s your choice!

You may take home several paintings you love to choose which one you like best in your space or several sizes to get a better idea of what will work for you. The lighting in your space may affect the way the colors in the painting look as well. The benefits of the free trial are endless!

If you get your artwork home and decide it doesn’t suit what you are looking for, bring back the artwork by the end of the second day in original condition. We don’t charge anything to you during the trial period until you decide you want to purchase. If you decide you want to keep all the paintings you took on trial, don’t worry about making an extra trip to the store. Just give us a call and we will take care of you and send your receipt in the mail.

All you need to get started is a valid driver’s license and credit card.


PLEASE NOTE: The two-day trial is for local customers of the greater Houston area only. We must have a local address and phone number. The trial period is not offered for online transactions.

DAMAGES: Our employees carry all the artwork you select to your car for you and ensure that it is securely placed for transport. Once you leave our parking lot you become responsible for the items in your care. If any of the items are damaged during the trial period you are responsible for cost to repair, up to the full price of the item, depending on the amount of damage.

For our customers with commercial spaces who looking for greater flexibility than committing to purchased artwork, we offer our Lease Program! 

Advantages of Leasing

  • Low Initial Capital Outlay
  • Significant Tax Advantages
  • More Art for Less Money
  • Change your mind, change your art
  • Change your décor, change your art
  • Change your location, change your art
  • Fall in love with the leased art… Purchase it at any time

Program Details

  • Available only to commercial customers; art must be placed in a facility which is open to the general public.
  • $2000 minimum Total Art Value (TAV) required to qualify for lease program.
  • Minimum lease period is 12 months.
  • We provide consultation and decorator services at no additional cost.
  • We provide delivery and hanging services.
  • At the customer’s discretion, art can be exchanged at the end of each twelve month period, for a minimum labor charge.
  • Art can be purchased at any time during the lease for the Purchase Price. Purchase Price equals TAV minus the capital reduction portion of the lease payment.
  • Cost of Lease – All costs are based on the Total Art Value of leased art.
  • First month’s lease shall be equal to 10% of Total Art Value, plus tax.
  • Subsequent months lease shall be equal to 3% of Total Art Value, plus tax.
  • Contract delivery and installation shall be 5% of Total Art Value.
  • Exchanging art during the lease will be billed at 5% of the value of the new items.
  • Lease costs during the first twelve months shall not be applied to Purchase Price.
  • Lease costs from months 13-47 shall reduce the “Purchase Price” by 75% of lease payments.
  • At the end of month 48, the Purchase Price shall be 5% of TAV, plus tax.

Example: Total Art Value = $2000, Due at Lease Inception, including tax = $321, Monthly Lease Payments, including tax = $66.30 (may vary due to tax rates).

Lease Pricing:

$2,000 Total Art Value for $60 per month; 4-6 large pieces or 8-10 medium pieces.
$3,000 Total Art Value for $90 per month; 6-9 large pieces or 12-15 medium pieces.
$4,000 Total Art Value for $120 per month; 8-12 large pieces or 16-20 medium pieces.
$5,000 Total Art Value for $150 per month; 10-15 large pieces or 20-25 medium pieces.
$6,000 Total Art Value for $180 per month; 12-18 large pieces or 24-30 medium pieces.
$7,000 Total Art Value for $210 per month; 14-21 large pieces or 28-35 medium pieces.
$8,000 Total Art Value for $240 per month; 16-24 large pieces or 32-40 medium pieces.
$9,000 Total Art Value for $270 per month; 18-27 large pieces or 36-45 medium pieces.
$10,000 Total Art Value for $300 per month; 20-30 large pieces or 40-50 medium pieces.

Leasing payments can apply toward purchase price, ask for details.

To get started with your very own Leasing Program courtesy of Art Outlet, please complete the Lease Agreement available for download and send it back via email as soon as possible!